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Calm lofi hip hop beats

Music is one of the most powerful tools to relax and focus on a task. A good way to have a calming effect is to listen to lofi hip-hop beats.

About Us

Welcome to the METAMA LOUNGE!

This is the place to leave all stress behind you and get in tune with yourself and the world – with music to relax, learn, concentrate and fall asleep to. At METAMA LOUNGE you get Lofi Hip Hop to RELAX, STUDY, CHILL, SLEEP.

Since the foundation in the year 2003 music is in the center of METAMA e.K.. In summer 2021 we started working on METAMA LOUNGE to present our music and music from friends and cooperation partners to an audience under this name – on our website, YouTube channel, and social media.

We are initially focusing on lofi hip hop, which we produce and release under the artist name Metama Lofi in collaboration with a number of musicians from different parts of the world. Later, we plan to produce music in other relaxing genres.

Our brand ambassador is Awesome Bear. From him, each of us can still learn something about not taking life too seriously and being relaxed but persistent in making our dreams a reality. Become a friend of Awesome Bear yourself!

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Awesome Bear is there for you all day and night. You can listen to all our songs on YouTube.

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News & Articles
24. March 2022

Lo-Fi Music: A Booster of Learning Capability

As the modern world progressed, music with loud and sharp beats became mainstream. However, people who are interested in relaxing music with soothing and fading…
24. March 2022

Lo-Fi Music: An Enhanced Mind Concentration

The uproar of a noisy world gets overwhelming and there is a need to take a step back. Lo-fi music, having imperfect melody serves to…
2. January 2022

The Remarkable Advantages of Lofi Hip Hop Music

Music is one of the best ways to create a pleasant working atmosphere. A new genre of music known as Lo-fi hip hop has created…
2. January 2022

Lofi, an Art With Outdated Technology

Thousands of Internet users around the world have discovered a new method to concentrate and enjoy moments of stillness and calm: play any playlist with…

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